Services by April Burke Dog Groomer and Owner of Burke's Dog Grooming

Burke’s Dog Grooming offers full-service dog grooming in a sleek, spa-like atmosphere.  When you enter our warm and inviting lobby, and look back into the well-equipped salon area, you will know that you made the right choice.  So please stop by and experience the Services by April Burke Dog Groomer and Owner of Burke's Dog Grooming

If we put the effort into creating an attractive shop for you to feel comfortable in, imagine the care and attention to detail that we will give to your dog's grooming experience with our superior services--LISTED BELOW.


Another difference you'll notice with Burke's, is our "butler-like" high class service, as detailed on the "Our Story" page.  We didn't achieve 100% 5-Star ratings and RAVING FANS by accident.  Experience the Burke's difference!​


HEADING TO THE SHOP? -- Our expert grooming is by appointment only.  We appreciate your business.

Our appointments usually have us in the shop from approximately 10am to 4pm, Tuesday thru Saturday, but since we are on the road sometimes or tied up with an involved groom, we may not always be available at a given time.

So please give us a quick heads up call or email if you're heading over and we'll certainly make the time to greet you.

Also, if possible, please try and contact us with a head's up regarding on-the-"spot" nail trims and other minor procedures.



The following prices are STARTING prices and may need to be adjusted for variables such as condition of the coat, temperament, size, etc.

Common issues that may cause price increases are matting of the coat, length of time since last groom, challenges in handling and controlling, etc.

Please know that sometimes we can't know the scope of work to be performed until the dog is on the table and the owner has left.  We will contact you to let you know any issues that will cause the original price to increase.  If you'd rather not have us continue if it surpasses what we quoted, please let us know beforehand.



Bath & Brush:  Shampoo, conditioner, nails ground or clipped, ears cleaned and hair removed if applicable.  Small $35, Medium $40, Large $50 and Extra Large $60.

Haircut:  Includes all services listed in the "Bath & Brush", plus paw pad hair shaved, sanitary clean up and clipper haircut done to client specifications.  Small $58, Medium $68, Large $78 and Extra Large $85.

Contour Scissoring:  Includes all services listed in the "Bath & Brush", plus an expert scissor trimming according to the dog's breed and your specifications.  Small $55, Medium $65, Large $75 and Extra Large $100.

  • Deshedding treatment starts at $15.
  • Dematting incurs $10 every 15 minutes.

These two add-ons have the potential to increase in price because the coat can be significantly affected when they exist.


OTHER SERVICES - Custom Quoted:

Anal Gland external expression

Teeth Brushing

Nail Clipping or Grinding

Sanitary Trim

Face, Feet and Fanny Clean up

Flea and Tick shampoo treatment

De-Skunk Treatment

De-Shed Treatment

Special anti-itch shampoo treatment

Puppy Wash and Play

Burke's Pet Care

Are you looking for something not listed?  Just ask us, we may be able to accommodate!

Bathing & Brushing

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Expert Cuts and Trims

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Extra Services

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Contact us with any questions or to book a service.  Please make sure you call to ensure we're available before you head over!  Thanks.