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April is entering her fourth year as a certified groomer.  

She opened her own super sleek grooming salon in 2017, after renting a table at another location for a couple years.

She co-founded Burke's Dog Care, LLC in 2014 in order to offer a high-class and "Butler-like" dog care service (as displayed by our logo).

Including dog grooming with the company's dog walking and pet sitting was a hit.  Clients trusted Burke's in their home to walk their dogs, might as well groom with them also!  

This focus on quality customer service and creative services (such as pick up and drop off), produced 100% perfect 5-star ratings and raving fans--please see our "Clients Said What?" page.

Next Steps...

For Appointments, please call.  Sorry, but we can't take any appointment inquiries via text or email, thanks for understanding.

If you have a general (non-appointment) question or comment, feel free to call, text or email.

Phone/Text: 617-515-4609

Email: april@burkesgrooming.com